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Information sent upon request

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TUTORING: Hours are arranged and fees discussed at the first interview.  Please request information by email and we will establish an appointment with you.  
TEST PREP: You must register for any testing at a testing site.  Whether it is ACT, SAT, ParaPro, GED or ASVAB...we do not administer any tests.  We can help you prepare and build your confidence and ascertain if you are weak in any educational areas and help you build up those areas.  It might mean you need a refresher course in Algebra or English skills.  We can help you improve those skills. 
CONSULTATION : This depends on the quantity of time needed to address your particular needs.  Assisting in filling out college applications, learning how to write the entrance essay and more, might require only 1 hour or need more time.  Each situation is unique.
PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING: There are times you might be in need of counseling for you or your child.  We are available for these services as well.  
UNIQUE:We can discuss numerous options with you and create a program that fits your unique situation.  Email us by using the form on the contact page. We can send you additional information at your request and arrange an appointment.
  We are here for you.  
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